Nick Jackson


For over a decade I have been a professional cityscape, landscape and nature photographer, picking up more than 50 global awards along the way, including Urban Photographer of the Year, Emirates Art of Travel and Countryfile Photograph of the Year.

Living in London, one of the most photographed cities in the world, there are endless sources of inspiration for my work. However, the challenge is to capture them in a ways which haven’t been seen before. I focus on the juxtaposition of metal angles and neon city glow against the grand historical landmarks.

For part of each year, I travel to capture the dynamic and bright landscapes across the world, from the arctic whites of Iceland and glowing greens of the Northern lights in Lapland to ancient monasteries and temples in Myanmar and Bhutan. I look to create powerful, colourful portrayals of the landscape wherever I go.

Searching for a unique way to present my vibrant photography, I have spent 4 years collaborating with industry leading lighting specialists, high-tech printers and expert framers to design an award-winning range of light boxes.

Images can be printed on acrylic or specially designed textile then framed bespoke on top of a light sheet. The artwork looks incredible when switched off but the powerful colours come to life once illuminated.

The acrylic creates a dynamic permanent artwork whereas the textile print can be easily removed from the frame to allow swapping with other artwork prints.

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